LuckyPlay99: Simple Football Betting Strategy Tips

Online Sports Betting has been prominent to be leisure in the form of games in which players are required to make a bet. At LuckyPlay99, we offer premium online games, e-sports, and casino tournaments that every online gamer is looking for.

Not only that, we give opportunities to everyone to make the most of their gaming experiences. We are creating guides for starters and strategies for everyone. Since online betting is one of the most thrilling game here in LuckyPlay99, we created an article that will enlighten you about football betting.
One of the basic rules of betting on any sport is to always pay attention to the basics. This is relevant for both beginners and people with years of experience under their belt. Fixing simple things never stops being important. The most successful bet in the world will tell you that.
Of course getting the simple things right is especially important when you are first learning about betting strategy. It’s no use trying to run before you can walk. You have to start with the basics and work your way up from there. That’s why the very first article in our football betting strategy guide is a collection of simple tips.
In the introduction to this guide we talked about the two main reasons why people bet on football. We explained how some people bet because they enjoy it, and some people bet because they are trying to make money. Of course some people bet for these same reasons. And even those who bet primarily for fun still prefer to make a profit if they can.
The beauty of the tips on this page is that they are useful for everyone. It doesn’t matter what your reasons for betting on football are or what you hope to achieve. It also doesn’t matter how long you have been betting on football. These tips will help you.
All the advice here is pretty easy to follow. It probably won’t turn you into a consistent winner right away but it will definitely put you on the road to success. If you are a beginner then this will help you develop good habits right from the start. And if you’ve been betting for a while it might just help you correct some mistakes you didn’t know you were making. Some of these tips apply to sports betting in general and some of them apply directly to football. It’s all related either way. Best of all it is presented in a way that should be very easy to understand.

Learn All About Football
Our first tip here is probably blindingly obvious. And it might not matter if you’re a big football fan. If that’s the case you probably already know a lot about the sport so feel free to ignore this tip if you want.
However, maybe you are not very fond of football. Maybe you are new to the sport or don’t know anything about it yet. In which case you should definitely not ignore this tip. You can’t expect to get much from betting on a sport you’re not really familiar with.
But if you do not find football an exciting game, LuckyPlay99 Philippines offers a wide selection of e-sports gaming that you can choose from. Plus, you get a chance to win grandeur prizes and more bonuses when you play.
The good news is that it’s not that hard to learn what you need to know. Football is the most popular sport in the world so there is a huge amount of easily accessible information available. A simple Google search will prove this. There are a ton of websites dedicated solely to the sport and many others that also cover it in detail.
You don’t really need to look beyond our website though. We always make sure that everything we offer our readers is as comprehensive as possible so naturally our football betting guide includes a section about the sport itself. Here’s an overview of what it includes along with a link that will take you directly to it.
● The History of Football
● The Rules of Football
● Football Governing Bodies
● Primary Football Club
● Major Football Tournaments and Leagues
● Top Football Players and Managers

LuckyPlay99 Guide: Understand the Concept of Value
We just talked about how important it is to actually know something about football. This is not enough by itself though. Many people who bet on football for fun are very knowledgeable but they still lose money. Often this is because they are unfamiliar with some basic aspects of sports betting.
Knowledge of a sport is undeniably beneficial when betting on it. It helps in assessing the possible outcomes of events and making predictions. But that knowledge is most useful when it is combined with a real understanding of some of the basic concepts of betting. There is one particular concept that is really important to understand:
Value is usually ignored by recreational bettors and that is why many of them lose money.
Ignoring the value or misunderstanding it, can be fatal to your chances of betting success. This is really important. Successful betting is not as simple as trying to predict what will happen and then placing the appropriate bets. You also need to study how much value a bet will give. This means comparing the odds of winning it to the odds available.
You should only place bets with what is called a positive expected value. A positive expected value means that a bet should win in the long run because its chance of winning is greater than the odds suggest. You can be forgiven for getting a little confused at this stage but the concept of value is not as complicated as it seems.

Be Patient
Football is a great sport to bet on for many reasons. A certain reason is the fact that there are so many betting opportunities. You will never be short of opportunities to earn money because almost every day there are football matches played all over the world.

Don’t feel like you have to bet on every game.
Betting on multiple games is simply not the right strategy to take. You will never make consistently good decisions by betting that way. That’s why successful bets are so selective. They don’t bet for it but instead wait for the right opportunities. This is the strategy you should try to follow. Be patient and only bet when you are confident that there is a very good reason to do so.
You also need to be patient in a more general sense. If you are learning a football betting strategy with the goal of making good money, you have to accept that it will take time. You will not find success overnight no matter how hard you try. So don’t try to rush things and don’t get discouraged if you don’t get the results you want right away. Stay patient keep learning and never stop trying to improve. Success will come eventually.

Don’t Blindly Follow the Audience
This is one of the simplest tips on this entire page. This is also important to remember. There’s no point in betting on the results because that’s all most people bet on. This is flawed for two reasons.
1. Most bettors lose.
2. When most people bet on the same outcome the odds will decrease.
These two factors are truly interrelated. Remember how we talked about value earlier? And how many bettors ignored it? This is particularly true when it comes to betting on big favorites in football games. The assumption that many bettors make is that it is correct to bet on a big favorite simply because they are likely to win. That’s exactly what most recreational players do and it’s exactly what makes the odds so low in the first place.
Most bettors don’t pay attention to this fact though and put their money on the favorite anyway. That’s why they lose money in the long run. They are likely to win a good percentage of their bets simply because the big favorites often win. But only with low probability. And the payouts they get when they win probably won’t make up for the few times a big favorite loses and they lose their bet. Obviously a general loss is inevitable.
So following the crowd really doesn’t work. All you’re doing is following people who usually lose and take bad chances instead. That is clearly not a reasonable approach.
Please note that this does not mean that you should not bet on the big favorites. You just need to apply one or two levels of thinking.

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