LuckyPlay99 Guide: 4 Profitable Roulette Strategies for the Filipinos

Most Filipinos dream to achieve financial freedom. Here at LuckyPlay99, we give you not only the ultimate fun but also the chance to attain great profit. Are you into playing roulette games, if yes, this article is made for your success.

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In this roulette guide, we take a look at the best roulette strategy available online. Since roulette is still a game of random outcomes, most of these tips and tricks focus on how you can manage your bankroll. Specifically, the roulette tips and tricks that are included in the guide focus on how you can maximize your bets.

If you pay attention to how your bets are placed, you can boost your chances of winning and collecting the biggest prize in the game. For this roulette guide, we will cover a few of the most popular strategies in the business including tips that you need to consider.

Is Martingale the Best Roulette Strategy?
As mentioned, the majority of the casino roulette tips and strategies focus on the bets that you can make in the game. Just like other strategies, it was said that this approach to roulette betting started in the 17th century in London. According to stories, the Martingale strategy was first used by Henry Martingale, a casino owner in London. Aside from being one of the earliest strategies to use, the Martingale approach to betting is also fun and easy to follow.

For many, this is the best roulette strategy to use because you only need to double your bet every time you lose the bet. For example, if your last bet on ‘Red’ failed, then the strategy requires you to double your next bet. Before you play using this strategy, keep in mind that you can boost your chances if you play shorter sessions. Aside from this popular tip, there are other critical tips and suggestions that you need to remember when playing the game. Described below are a few more tips to consider when using the Martingale strategy:

  • A small bankroll will limit your chances at the table. Keep in mind that you will double your wager after a losing bet. In short, you should have a decent bankroll that can support your game in case of a losing streak.
  • Long losing streaks can become a problem. This is your best roulette betting strategy if your losses are manageable, like 3 or 4 straight losses. But if the consecutive losses exceed 5 then it can significantly affect your bankroll.
  • You can improve your chances by choosing the roulette variant to play If possible, choose European Roulette instead of American Roulette. The European Roulette variant comes with a single ‘0’ and comes with a house edge of 2.7 percent which is better than the American variant.

If you are going to rely on Martingale as your best way to bet on roulette, then you should avoid devastating losses or consecutive losses. If you encountered consecutive losses or have already lost more than $70, start over again and head to another roulette table or just take a break.

Now that you are familiar with Martingale strategy, let us move on to other roulette strategies that you can apply here in LuckyPlay99 Philippines. Be part of LuckyPlay99’s VIP membership to have a chance to enjoy the luxurious perks from video games, casino tournaments to online slot games.

D’ Alembert Betting Strategy
A debate on the best roulette strategy is not complete by not including D’ Alembert betting strategy into the mix. Compared to Martingale which can pose risks during long losing streaks, this roulette betting strategy is considered a low-risk version that can double your stake.

As a popular betting strategy, it counters the principle of the Martingale approach. This was first popularized by Jean Le Rond De’ Alembert. According to D’ Alembert, all outcomes with a 50-50 chance of winning will balance each other. Based on his principles, A will have a higher chance of winning if B has won many times in a row. If the bet on ‘Black’ has occurred many times in a row, then it means that the chances of hitting ‘Red’ the next round increase. In short, this roulette strategy balances both outcomes. However, this strategy does not simplify the game of roulette. It does not automatically mean that if a series of ‘Blacks’ happened, the next outcome is a ‘Red’. Keep in mind that each outcome is always at random, even though that event has already occurred 30 or 60 times.

Fibonacci Betting Strategy
Another popular strategy that you can use in winning the games LuckyPlay99 is the Fibonacci approach which is based on the principles of Leonardo of Pisa (Fibonacci). This betting strategy is based on the Fibonacci sequence which is characterized by the fact every third number is the sum of the first two numbers preceding it. The sequence will look like this: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, etc. In this betting strategy, your bet is based on the sum of the first two bets made.

This betting strategy comes with negative and positive progress. In the negative progression of the strategy, you need to increase your bet in case of a loss. In the positive progression of the betting strategy, you will increase your wager in case of a win. For example, you started the game with 1 betting unit and on the next spin of the wheel, you win your bet. Under the positive progression of the Fibonacci approach, you will increase your bet to 2 betting units.

If you win again after two betting rounds, you now have 6 betting units. If you will use the negative progression, if you started with 1 betting unit, you will only get 4 units at the end of the play. In short, following the positive progression of Fibonacci, you will have an average of 33.33% in winnings which is a decent profit in itself. This makes the Fibonacci approach the best way to play roulette online for many players.

Paroli Betting Strategy
When it comes to the best roulette strategy you can use in playing LuckyPlay99 Philippines, the Paroli approach will also enter the discussion. For players looking for a simple and less complicated way of placing bets, then the Paroli approach easily becomes the best way to win a roulette game. This betting strategy is based on the principle that your losses and winnings will always come in streaks. It means that there are situations when the roulette game is generous and there are times when the game is cold and should be avoided. As a strategy, you need to place bets with a direct alternative, like an Odd/Even or a Red/Black. To play this game, you need first to set your base stake.

If you are losing at the roulette game, your next bet should be equal to your base stake. But if you are winning, you need to double your stake. If you have decided on 1.00 as your base bet and you win it on the first round, your next bet should be double your initial bet (2.00). And if in the next round you win again, the Paroli strategy recommends that you double your bet again (4.00). Under this arrangement, you will need to double your bet as long as you are winning. But when do you stop? If you managed to double your wager two times then that’s a great time to go back to your base wager.

The Best Roulette Betting Strategy to Use in LuckyPlay99
We are always looking for the best way for you to win at LuckyPlay99’s roulette and, understandably, players will want to win every time. But this game runs using a Random Number Generator (RNG) and every spin of the wheel is at random. In short, each spin and throw of the roulette ball will lead to a random outcome and it’s difficult for a player to predict the outcome.

But do not worry, here in LuckyPlay99, win or lose, you have something to achieve. Just keep on playing and learn to have you own strategy and for sure, you will be one of the lucky players of LuckyPlay99 Philippines.

While it’s hard to predict the outcome in roulette, you can still improve your chances by managing your bankroll and by paying attention to your bets. What you can do is to consider the available betting strategies that are discussed in this guide. Each betting strategy has its own set of benefits and it’s safe to say that one strategy is the best roulette strategy for one player. To maximize the benefits of the strategies, it’s best to learn the rules and try each betting strategy at least once. You need to feel each strategy and see if it fits your playing style and bankroll type.

Another best way to bet is to check out the free demo versions of the game. With free credits, you can test-drive the strategies and see if it will fit your playing style. It is only by learning the rules and by trying all strategies that you can finally come up with the best roulette strategy, a roulette strategy to win big!

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