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The color game is well known in the Philippines. It was often played at fairs back in the day. This game is entertaining and fun. Unique. Whether children or adults, are simply addicted to the game. Start your Color Game journey here at LuckyPlay99 Arcade.

LuckyPlay99 is one of the most popular online gaming platforms in the Philippines. Many people play it because of the great games here like Slot Machine, Card games, Color Game, Poker, Baccarat, Roulette and many others.

If you are new here in LuckyPlay99 or you have not heard what Color Game is all about, you are on the right page. Check out on how to start your arcade experience here in LuckyPlay99 Philippines.

What is a Color Game?
What exactly is a Color Game? Why is it a favorite of Filipinos and other Asians? Most of the games found at the fair are color games. These games often take place in the Philippines during Fiestas. Many people are addicted to this game because it is very easy to win and bet.

This is a game where different colors are used. Usually it is boxed and there is a boat where he will lead and take bets. It’s very simple, you just bet on the color you like and when it comes out, you’re a winner.

This game allows players to pick a color, then bet on how many matches they think they will get based on consecutive colors. The more matches you get, the more money you can win. This game is great because it doesn’t require much skill (just luck!) and is easy to play.

For those looking for a fun time without any pressure, this is your game! Here at LuckyPlay99, you will not end the day sad as you can win instant prizes when you play the different online games on our platform.

Can Color Games help you earn real money?
Is it possible to win real money in Color Games? The answer is YES! LuckyPlay99 Color Game, color game apps like for JILI or any other platform, actual places where it’s played, almost all the same you can take home real money or prizes? Although it can be scary to start, this guide will teach you everything from how to play the game and its strategy, to what colors are best to win the most money. With this knowledge, you can now play and win with ease.

When you start playing Color Games in JILI or AES here in LuckyPlay99, you will not only enjoy but also be amazed with the money you earn while playing. Be a member of LuckyPlay99 and enjoy the exclusive perks.

Here’s more information: The color game is a fun, simple way to start learning the basics of casino games. It is easy and relaxing to play, but it can also be one of the most profitable and effective casino games if you know how to win. Color games online are created by professionals who understand how people think and how they play.

How to win in Color Game of LuckyPlay99 Philippines
Is winning the Color Game online just a matter of luck? Is it supposed to heal? Cure stains. As we know, it is usually played at the fair and actual and physical playing is usually when playing the color game. But now, it is also a trend in the online world and there are different applications in different gadgets. And since most of those who bet here usually lose, here’s a little strategy you can do when you come to the our site.

You need to prepare only a small investment. (Not all color games have money involved) Allocate a base amount that you match.

Bet only on one color, for example blue, bet only blue. If it comes out, it’s ok, as long as you stick to the coin you bet so your game pattern doesn’t get messed up.

If your suit doesn’t win, here’s the strategy. It is only necessary that you bet on that color again (for example, your first bet is Blue). Just double the bet. If still not, just double the bet again. Just always remember, the bet on a color only doubles.

The truth is, the color blue can’t not come out and win, right? So you are definitely a winner with this strategy.
Here’s an example: You bet ten pesos, lose, then make it a sale, lose, make the twenty bet P40, lose. So how much is your loss, P70, right? So the next time you bet is P80, then when it hits or comes out, you will convert P80, get your P70 back, you still make a profit.

Only patience is required in this game. Just choose one color. That will definitely come out and hit. Every time blue hits, you still have a profit. Good luck if you double or triple in the color game online.

Experience the Fun in LuckyPlay99’s Color Game
Now you know how to play LuckyPlay99 Color Game from Jili, AES, Rich88. You already know the best app that suits you and this time. Always remember that everything in excess, is harmful! So just play slowly. Have discipline and self-control to be healthy while you are having fun.

 You can enjoy arcade games 24 hours a day, wherever you are. If you are a new player, you can start by playing a LuckPlay99’s arcade game first. They are designed for inexperienced players and can be fun as you earn experience and money.