Football Betting Strategy: Pre-Season Betting Strategy

Summer may be a popular weather for many but not for Football fans. Why? Well that’s because it’s the close season for most Football leagues. These fans are facing several weeks without their favorite sport and they can’t wait for the next season to start. Some years there are international tournaments to partially fill the gap, which helps a little. Either way it’s still a long time without competitive Football.

In LuckyPlay99, we have many online Football enthusiasts that enjoy the latest online Football games. A large percentage of Football bettors feel the same way about the close season, especially recreational bettors. They miss having so many matches to choose from and they miss the excitement they get from their betting. Besides there they don’t think too much about their bet. They thought they would just wait until the new season started.

There are many smart bettors who think otherwise. They recognize the fact that the near term actually presents some beneficial opportunities. They use these times to their advantage which is something you should do as well. There is a lot that can be done before a new season starts and using this time wisely can be very effective.

In particular, there are three activities that can be done in the pre-season:
● Research and analysis
● Ante post betting
● Pre-season friendly betting
We explore each of these three activities in detail below. If you follow the advice we offer you will never dread the pre-season again. Instead you will look at it as a good time to prepare for the upcoming season in LuckyPlay99. With the right preparation you are in a good position to make solid betting decisions from the moment the action starts.

LuckyPlay99 Guide: Research and Analysis
The pre-season is the perfect opportunity to do some serious research and analysis. With few if any upcoming games to bet on you can devote some of your spare time to studying and preparing for the next season. It might not be the most exciting way to spend your time, but you’ll see its benefits once the season starts.

Here is a list of some of the five things you should consider studying.
1. Results and performances of the previous season.
2. Your betting records.
3. Transfer
4. Management changes
5. The fixture list
6. Let’s look at each of them in detail.

Last season’s results and performances

During a season, Football bettors often focus on what will happen. They may spend a lot of time making their predictions, but they don’t really pay attention to what has already happened.

Although understandable this regularly leaves gaps in their knowledge.

For the best possible chance of success when betting on Football you need as much information at your disposal as possible. You should know all of them about the teams and players you are going to. In particular, it is really helpful to have a comprehensive view of how well relevant groups have played in different situations.

For example, it is useful to know if there is a team that is particularly good at home but not so good on the road. This gives you another factor to consider when betting on their games. It’s also useful to know if there are any teams that consistently struggle to perform in big games. Keep these things in mind the next time a major game comes up. You can then use that information to help form your opinion about who you think will win.

These are just a few examples of how additional insight into groups can help you. Nor does it end here.

In LuckyPlay99 Philippines, we have much more to offer you. So it’s definitely worth trying to get this kind of perspective if you can. The best way to do this in our opinion is to analyze in detail the past results and capabilities of each team. Start by trying to answer the following questions.
● How is their home form compared to their away form?
● What about their defense?
● How is their attack?
● How did they play when it was difficult?
● Do they rely too much on one or two star players?
● What is their injury record?
● Do their players get a lot of suspensions?

Past results are not always clear indicators of future results on their own. But if you understand more about the performances that led to the previous results and the circumstances surrounding them you have some really valuable information to use. This type of study can be very useful when it comes to assessing the likely results of a season. That’s why we created this basic guide of Football betting because we want you to enjoy every single game of LuckyPlay99.

Your betting records
Reviewing past betting records should be an ongoing process. This is something that many players fail to find time for, however, because they are busy looking for opportunities to reduce their money. This is understandable to some extent because there are only so many hours in a day.

It is very important that you study your records at least once in a while. This may seem like a drag but it will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. This in turn should allow you to improve your betting performance in the future. So if you think you can’t find the time once a season starts make sure to find some time before it starts. There is no reason not to do at least some basic testing during the pre-season. And this is absolutely the least you should really do. This is an important part of developing your overall skills and abilities as a bettor.

Changes in playing personnel can drastically change the overall quality of a Football team for better or for worse. So it is advisable to keep track of all the transfers happening in the teams you bet on. This will help shape your opinion of those teams for the upcoming season. While it’s impossible to know for sure what effect these transfers should have, you can make some smart judgment calls. Here are some examples.

During the close season a team transferred two of its best players to bigger clubs and failed to replace them adequately. How does this affect your opinion of this group? Other players may step up and fill the void but it is certainly reasonable to assume that the team will not be as strong as it was.

Meanwhile a strong team buys three top players and doesn’t sell one. New players are specifically for areas where the team lacks some quality. What do you think about this team today? There is no guarantee that these players will fit in and perform well but it is reasonable to assume that they are more likely to improve the team than not.

Management changes
Management changes are not limited to the close season but there are usually several managers taking on new jobs during this period. These are also important changes to monitor. A new manager coming in can mean all sorts of adjustments to a team. He may be looking to completely change the playing style for example or make extensive changes to the record.

Again you never know exactly what the impact of such adjustments will be but you should analyze their possible impact as best you can as it will help you predict how the teams will perform in the coming season.

The fixture list
Different leagues release their fixture lists at different times. This is usually earlier in the upcoming season though. That’s why it is also essential for you to follow LuckyPlay99’s social media accounts for updates and news.

This is something that many Football records don’t pay much attention to until the season starts but we recommend studying it as soon as it comes out. You should think about how a team’s schedule is likely to affect them as this is a worthwhile factor to consider when making betting decisions.

The following are some specific things to look out for.
● Teams that have had a particularly difficult start to the season.
A team that gets off to a rough start can struggle to gain any momentum which can negatively impact their entire season.
● Teams with an easier start to the season.
A team with an easy start can build a lot of momentum and grow in confidence. This could have a positive impact on their entire season.
● Teams with many challenging fixtures during the busy season.
A succession of tough games puts extra pressure on players which can lead to loss of form and even further injuries and suspensions.

Pre-Season Friendly Betting
Betting on pre-season friendly matches can be a minefield. Many Football bettors avoid them completely and we fully understand why. There is usually a distinct lack of available information and relevant historical data. Then there is the fact that they often have unexpected results.

However, these games can sometimes throw up interesting opportunities for finding value in the betting markets. It is certainly possible to gain an advantage with the bookmaker if you are prepared to do the necessary level of research.

Now we don’t recommend spending a lot of time looking for these opportunities. We also do not recommend risking large bets. However, we believe there is potential to profit with the right strategy. The key is to be very selective. Only bet when you feel you can accurately predict an outcome with some confidence.

You should also make sure that you consider the following factors.
● Reasons for the game
● Motivation
● Game Rules

Reasons for the Game
Football teams play pre-season games for a variety of reasons. Sometimes a game is purely for commercial reasons. This may be to expose the group’s brand to new viewers in different parts of the world or for the benefit of a sponsor. A game can also be just for getting some fitness matches among the players or for trying out a new play style. Earlier games in the pre-season are likely to be for commercial reasons compatible with fitness or experimentation. Generally, these are harder to predict. Because of this, it is probably best to avoid them. The usual techniques for predicting the results of Football games will not work well.

As the season approaches the games tend to take on a more competitive edge. This is when a manager is likely to have a broad idea of which players will be on his first team and how he will set them up. So the players are likely to focus on making sure they stay in their places and play their way into good form for the start of the season. These games are more likely to be played as a normal competitive games so they can be worth betting on.

Rules of the game
It should be noted that the rules for friendlies can differ significantly from competitive games. The most common variation is related to substitutions. Teams can usually make as many substitutions as they want in friendlies, sometimes taking players in and out for different periods of the game. This gives a game a very different dynamic than normal.

In our opinion, it is best to avoid betting on games where unlimited substitutions are allowed. And as a general rule, it’s probably best to avoid any game where the rules are drastically different from a standard competitive game. It’s just too difficult to assess the likely impact of those different rules.

Adopting the Basic Football Betting Strategy
It is a simple fact that the more time you devote to your betting the more likely you are to be successful. During the Football season your time is often consumed by considering all the different factors that can affect the matches you want to bet on. During pre-season however there is more time to spend on other aspects of your betting such as research and analysis.

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